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Overalls for oil workers

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Protective properties:

Technical description


  • with insulated lining
  • with a central zipper on the braid, closed by a windproof flap
  • with a collar-stand (bottom collar made of fleece)
  • removable hood, the volume of the head is regulated by a cord with a free end and a lock in the middle part
  • pocket for mobile phone with flap with button closure
  • lower patch pockets with flaps
  • Back with a double curtain with loops, with ventilation holes, protected by a grid
  • Sleeves with reinforcement patches, with cuffs with a button closure, with ventilation holes under the armhole
  • button bands, parts of sleeves, pockets and flaps on the button bands, yokes, belt, casing of belt , plastron are made from fabric for patches
  • Button bands, yoke of button band and back, parts of sleeves are additionally duplicated by a lining made of calico
  • Button bands, back, sleeves are decorated with SVP 5cm wide


  • with combined insulated lining
  • with a central zipper with two locks
  • with internal wind-proof flap
  • regulated straps
  • two patch pockets on the breast with flaps with belt loops, velcro fastening
  • Front halves with patch pockets
  • reinforcement patches in the knee area
  • back with adjustable casing
  • reinforcement pads in the seat area extend the life of the product
  • the bottom of pants is cut off with reinforcing patches, seams with zippers on side and straps with a button closure; internal sleeves

Medium parts of the front halves, knee patches, lining of the back halves, lining of the pants are made from fabric for patches

Patches of bottom of pants are duplicated with fabric

The bottom of pants is decorated with an SVP ribbon 5 cm wide in one row


Mixed fabric with MBO BO in furnish, fabric for protective patches with "oil repellent onlay"

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