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Winter suit

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Protective properties:
Type of clothes:
Suit: Jacket andsemioveralls

Technical description


  • with insulated polyester lining on the three-layer insulation of real soft 150 g / m2 (sleeves - 2 layers of real soft 150 g / m2), with a windproof gasket
  • with the central side fastener on the braid "zipper", closed with a plastron fastened to the blind contact ribbon
  • with internal wind-proof flap,
  • with insulated collar-stand (the bottom collar is made of fleece)
  • removable insulated hood
  • with lower patch pockets with flaps, fastened to a hidden contact ribbon
  • with a vertical slotted pocket with a zipper under the plastron on the left side
  • lining with a patch pocket with a clasp on the contact ribbon - on the right; on the left - with a slotted pocket "frame" with a zipper and a patch pocket for documents made from mesh at the bottom of the jacket with a fastening hood with a contact ribbon
  • with casing at the waist line with elastic ribbon and locks
  • with internal knitted wristbands, with hoods under the sleeves, fastened to the contact ribbon


  • with insulated polyester lining on a two-layer insulation of real soft 150g / m2 (button bands and back - 1 layer of real soft 150g / m2 with a windproof gasket
  • central zipper closure with two locks, closed with a plastron, fastened to a blind contact tape
  • with regulated straps
  • with a breast pocket with a zip fastener
  • with lower patch pockets
  • with reinforcing patches of finishing fabric in the knee area
  • back with a casing, stretched by elastic ribbon, regulated by straps on the sides fastened with buttons with casing with hanger
  • with reinforcing patches at the bottom of pants
  • with straps with loops fastened to buttons to regulate the width on the central parts of  front halves

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