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Summer overalls

The production association Slavyanka Textiles Ltd. offers summer overalls for protection against industrial pollution. This kind of overalls - summer overalls - is mostly in demand among the entire range of our products to date, as large-scale production is most often located in heated workshops.

Summer work clothes are the most popular variant of working clothes designed to protect against GIP. It is a set of jackets and trousers, or a jacket with a semi-overall.

The functions of this set are simple: they must absorb dirt and protect the worker from waste generated during operation (for example, sawdust or shavings). Such kinds of summer overalls, like a suit or a summer overall, can withstand repeated washing without shrinkage or fading of the material. It makes possible to operate them during the warranty period.

In addition to buying ready-made working suits, our company can produce any variant of summer overalls, for example, men's overalls, to order. We have a large number of fabrics of different types of strength and steep. Ordered overalls can be equipped with the logo of the customer's company.

There is a current version of finished products’ catalog on our website. We are constantly improving our models, paying special attention to summer work clothes. Buy summer overalls wholesale and retail.

Work clothes protect from general industrial pollution - dust, soot, dirt, all types of chemical contamination, metal sawdust. Managers of our company will help customers to buy summer overalls, choosing a fabric for it, based on the characteristics that they need. Buying our products, customers are confident in its quality. The produced summer overalls is convenient and practical, correspond to all required standards of GOST.

Model 32-F8D-90N-10
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Model 32-54А-540-10
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Model 32-L1A-L40-10
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Model Модель: 32-А20-А20-10
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Model 32-D90-D90-10
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Model 32-A2A-A2A-10
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Model 32-880-780-10(20)
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Model 32-780-780-10
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Model 32-520-77В-10
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Model 32-290-290-10
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Model 32-85A-140-10
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Model 32-49B-86R-10
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