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Suit for protection against high temperatures

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Protective properties:

Technical description


  • central concealed buckle on the slotted buttonholes and buttons (upper loop through)
  • turndown collar
  • in the area of the armholes, ventilation openings (blocks) covered with a grid
  • bottom pockets in the side seams
  • upper and elbow parts of the sleeve, on the sides of the lower back, the shelves and coquette are reinforced with a second layer of tissue
  • backrest with ventilation holes on the seam of the threading of the yoke
  • sleeves with cuffs with a fastener on the buttons


  • G-string and side fasteners on slotted buttonholes and buttons
  • adjustable straps
  • air vents for air exchange of a reliable space
  • Chest piece with double patch pocket. Lower pocket has a slotted entrance with zip fastener. Upper pocket has stitched compartments
  • The front halves of the trousers with reinforcing plates are transferred to the back half at the sides and at the bottom

Helmet 51-870-000-00

  • Adherent lining from coarse calico
  • The pelerine is fastened to the slotted buttonholes and buttons
  • The length of the face-cut is regulated by an elastic cord with clamps
  • Strips of retro reflective material provide additional protection in conditions of insufficient visibility. Contrast the costume of finishing lines with threads of white color.

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