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Skin protection

In addition to gloves and mittens, there are personal skin protection products that clean the skin on the hands after work related to pollution.

It can be lubricants at service points, oil, petroleum products, adhesives, graphite, varnish, etc., These pastes as filter protection of the skin of hands eliminates the possible consequences of contact  hands and chemical substances.

All modern skin protection products contain lanolin, glycerin and natural oils that moisturize and form a kind of moisture-retaining membrane.

When restoring the skin of hands after work, which is connected with substances of irritating action, the use of such protective agents is necessary. In our online store are widely represented means of skin protection insulating type, which are needed after contact with alkali, cement, lime, salts, lubricants and other chemical compounds that are harmful. Because even the use of special gloves in some cases cannot protect as effectively as paste.